Team Biden, Bernie Sanders Surrogate: Normalizing Anti-Semitism

A Team Biden staffer tells Jews to hide their identity and a National Surrogate for Bernie Sanders tells those condemning anti-Semitism to “Stop it!” So much for having a country with religious liberty and free exercise of religion.

The First Amendment to the US Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” (emphasis added) Team Biden staffer Aaron Keyak, whose official title at the White House is “Jewish engagement director,” has apparently decided that the solution to rising anti-Semitism and hate crimes against Jews in the US is to. . .prohibit the free exercise of Jews’ religion! Because demonizing the innocent victims and violating rights should always be the solution in a democratic republic.

Keyak tweeted, “It pains me to say this, but if you fear for your life or physical safety, take off your kippah and hide your” Star of David (kippahs or yarmulkes are skullcaps worn by Jewish men to mark themselves as orthodox Jews). Keyak considers himself an Orthodox Jew, yet he is telling Jews suffering from religious persecution that they should solve the problem by hiding items which mark them as Jews, which are key parts of their self-identification. Any reasonable American, whether Jewish or not, should be disgusted.

Of course Keyak, a Democrat party hack, has a history of hypocrisy. President Donald Trump was arguably the most pro-Jewish and pro-Israel president in American history—for instance, he moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, and he helped arrange peace deals between Israel and several Muslim states. Yet Keyak told outright lies to try and paint Trump as a white supremacist who “inspired . . . anti-Semites to feel encouraged.”

Two responses to Keyak’s tweet sum up the problematic (and frankly, anti-Semitic) attitude behind it. “Nobody should have to hide who they are to be safe in America,” reads one, while another person said, “Interesting — I didn’t fear for my life or physical safety under Trump.”

In various European countries such as France and Sweden, many Jews have stated they are afraid to identify as Jews in public, or they have simply migrated to Israel or the US. European Jews have been facing high levels of discrimination and violence from Muslims, tacitly endorsed by leftist Europeans who do nothing to curb what is basically Muslim domestic terrorism.

The Left is becoming more openly anti-Semitic all the time. Bernie Sanders National Surrogate American Zahr recently posted a video of himself on Twitter in which he said that pro-“Palestine” activists must “stop” condemning anti-Semitism. “Don’t condemn sh-t!” Zahr all but shouted. Below is the full transcript from the video:

“Hey, everybody, it's Amer, and this is a message to all the activists and leaders out there that are condemning anti-Semitism and condemning terrorism right now.  STOP IT!  Stop! You are not helping, all right, you are playing their games, it's a distraction.  We've been condemning anti-Semitism for 20, 30, 40 years, if they didn't believe us by now, stop it!  Stop it! Just stop it! It doesn't help. Today they took out an ad in the New York Times saying that Gigi and Bella Hadid are in favor of a second Holocaust. Stop it! They're playing games.  Don't condemn sh-t! We have a cross-sectional, inter-sectional movement that is winning, and they are scared, and they are freaking out, so they're trying to distract you all.  Stop it. Stop it. Stay focused, say free, free Palestine, and nothing else.  I love you all, I'm proud of you all, we're winning, stay focused, and I'll see you soon.”

Is this the America we want to live in? I had Jewish ancestors who came to America to escape religious persecution in Eastern Europe. It is terrible to think that the United States, the world’s beacon of freedom, may itself become the nightmare people, particularly Jews, used to come here to escape.

(Note: The transcript of the Zahr video is my own.)