"Many Are Schooled But Few Are Educated": Recent Inanity in Academia

“One of the greatest problems of our time is that many are schooled but few are educated.” —Thomas More

Apparently even back in the late 1400s and early 1500s Western education was starting to decline. I wonder what St. Thomas More would think of our “universities” now. Here are some of the latest insane stories from academia which prove how relevant More’s quote is today.

The title of this LGBTQ-pushing book (“Slouching Towards Gaytheism”) seems to me clearly to reference WB Yeats’ famous poem “The Second Coming” speaking of the destruction of Christian culture, symbolized by the “rough beast, its hour come round at last, / Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born.” The poem very aptly describes our times; “The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity.” What surprises me, however, is that a man who clearly is working specifically for the destruction of innocence and Christianity should draw his title from a poem which mourns that the “ceremony of innocence is drowned” and that an anti-Christianity is rising.

“Rider University is promoting a book in their online library that, according to the publication description, ‘Argues that homophobia will not be eradicated in the United States until religion is ended.’

‘Slouching Towards Gaytheism: Christianity and Queer Survival in America,’ written by W.C. Harris, a professor at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, can be found in Rider's library research guide for ‘Christian and Religious Privilege.’

The ‘Christian and Religious Privilege’ guide is a subcategory of Rider's ‘Privilege and Intersectionality’ web page.

The book summary on Rider’s library website states, ‘Slouching towards Gaytheism brings together two intellectual traditions—the New Atheism and queer theory—and moves beyond them to offer a new voice for gay Americans and atheists alike.’”

“Gaytheism” is most certainly like the monstrous half-man, half-beast of Yeats’ poem.

This wacko professor told a white student that he may well have oppressed someone that day because he was “breathing” and had left his house. This is the sick, skin-color-obsessed ideology being taught to America’s youth for exorbitant prices.

“‘You may have oppressed somebody,' a Penn State professor [Richards] said, prodding a White student during a rhetorical exercise after the student admitted to going outside that day.

The professor's lectures, which include a variety of rhetorical questions on racism and White supremacy, are featured on the university's website and a YouTube channel. . .

Richards then asked Brian: ‘Who have you oppressed today?’

‘I haven’t oppressed anyone today,’ said Brian.

‘You’re breathing. Have you left your house today?,’ replied Richards.

‘Yes,’ Brian said.

‘Okay, so you may have oppressed somebody,’ Richards finished. . .

Examples pulled from [Richards’] class include students discussing if they would accept another’s sperm from a sperm bank, white women[’s] lack of attraction to Asian men due to ‘white supremacy,’ and asking a white student to ‘point out the darkest skin person.’”

Because obviously your skin color is the most important thing about you. Oh wait—skin color says nothing about you as a person, anymore than your hair or eye color does. So much for striving for “equity.”

Yes, now you can now get a PhD (possibly more appropriately renamed PhB) in “equity and social justice in education!” Imagine how useful that is.

“Southern Illinois University-Carbondale is launching a doctoral program for ‘equity and social justice in education.’

In response to the university’s drive toward solving ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ challenges, the program will prepare scholars ‘to address structural inequalities in educational settings and devise and assess programs and practices that can lead to improved educational access,’ explained School of Education Dean M. Cecil Smith to the university.”

The only “structural inequalities” in education, besides enforced racial quotas, involve the fact that education overall in America is going downhill at a rapid rate and the public education system in particular is awful, especially in ghettos—where leftist politicians absolutely refuse to do anything to improve the education’s quality. While they prate about “inequality,” these elitists are perpetuating a system where only those who went to Harvard and Yale can secure top positions.

Music is an art form, not a political forum. We listen to the music of Hildegard von Bingen, Palestrina, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Handel, and Tchaikovsky hundreds of years after it was written because the music transcended certain historical contexts in its greatness. But in a world which celebrates and encourages pettiness and mediocrity, or even downright ugliness, it is no surprise that music is being co-opted by the Marxist ideologues.

“Arizona State University touted their hiring of a music professor who applies ‘critical race theory’ to the discipline.

As detailed by ASU News, Joyce McCall will serve as an assistant professor in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre. The university outlet states that she is ‘one of the few scholars whose music education research focuses on race and racism through critical race theory and double consciousness theory, as well as culturally relevant pedagogy.’”

Cultural “relevance” is such a transient reality, especially in our technology-driven culture. Those who aim at cultural relevance will always be forgotten as quickly as the fashion they tout is disproved or discarded.

“Catholic” colleges are so hypocritical, and of course the Marxist-pandering pope and bishops made everything worse by touting the Covid jabs. Because the Catholic doctrine of free will is being ignored now, like so many other doctrines.

“Citing Pope Francis, Boston College has mostly denied religious exemptions for Catholics who don't want to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Boston Herald reports that the Jesuit college is maintaining, officially, exemptions for medical and religious exemptions. However, the college has refused exemptions to many Catholics that oppose the use of ‘aborted fe[t]al tissue’ during the vaccine research stage.”

In other news, using your legal name on diplomas is not common sense—it’s a microaggression, or whatever term the castrated college pansies are using now. Good to know colleges are still turning out graduates with smaller minds than when they entered college.

“A student-led petition demanding 'chosen' name options for diplomas has received over 30,000 signatures since July 8. . .

Despite a University of Washington policy that enables students to choose a preferred first, middle, and last name for display on class rosters and ID cards, there is now a student petition demanding the school allow transgender students to use their ‘chosen’ names on diplomas. . .

Earlier this year, UW implemented a ‘central pronoun option,’ allowing students, faculty, and staff to ‘express what pronouns they go by in their everyday lives.’ Like the university’s chosen name policy, student pronouns appear on course rosters.”

We are not going through a Covid pandemic. We are going through a pandemic of stupidity—or of Marxist ideology. But I repeat myself.